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Danube Bend, Hungary 2007 - Travelogue

Thursday 23rd  |  Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th

Friday 24th August

This was to be our last day of activities in Hungary. The day started with us walking once more into the hills and woods above Dömös where we were to take part in Laser Tag. This involved using weapons equipped with harmless infra-red laser aiming to hit your opponent.

We first split up into three teams which took turns to fight whilst one team rested. Once equipped with weapons each team had to decide on their tactics they were going to use to eliminate all the opposing team members. A team member had to be hit ten times to be eliminated from the game.

After four hours of exhausting action we walked back down to the house for a late lunch, after which we spent the rest of the afternoon packing our cases and tidying the rooms ready for our departure the next morning.

In the early evening we traveled the short journey to Visegrád where we walked up the hill to Solomon's Tower which forms part of the lower castle of the citadel that we had visited on the previous Friday. After a welcome drink we moved into the tournament arena where we first had to select a King and Queen for the evening. After much shouting King Josh and Queen Keely where chosen and were duly dressed in their royal robes and crowned by the knights.

The tournament had the knights march in and show their targeting skills with medieval weapons such as battle stars, spears, arrows and fighting skills in hand to hand combat with swords, ball and chain and axes to the royal couple and their guests. There was also a demonstration of falconry where the bird flew so low it's wings brushed the heads of some of the audience.

With the tournament over it was back down the hill for a Royal feast at the Renaissance Restaurant. With the King and Queen presiding over the feast we enjoyed as much food as we could eat, accompanied by music from a lyre.

The end of the evening proved to be a surprise for the Explorers from Heybridge as they were invested as District Explorers and presented with their Red and Black District Explorer scarves.