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Danube Bend, Hungary 2007 - Travelogue

Saturday 18th  |  Monday 20th

Sunday 19th August

Sunday saw us take the coach for a 170km trip to Lake Balaton which, as Hungary is landlocked, is often regarded as the Hungarian coast. The route took us through Budapest which took longer than expected as they were getting ready for the Red Bull Air Race which was to be between the bridges on the Danube the following day which meant traffic diversions were in operation.

As we got close to the lake we got caught in a queue of traffic all heading off to the lake as it was the equivalent of a Bank Holiday weekend as Monday is Hungary's National Day. We eventually arrived at Balatonfüred on the northern side of Lake Balaton and headed to the edge of the lake where we sat and ate our lunch.

After lunch it was time for a swim in the lake or a slide on the water flumes. Many of the Scouts hired pedaloes - some even had slides. Later in the afternoon many took the opportunity to buy pizzas - one even went into one of the changing huts to eat it to give a new meaning to 'Pizza Hut'.

As we were about to leave a sudden rain shower came over. Although it quickly made us wet it was short lived and it was warm rain! It was then time for the long journey back. The rain had caused everyone to decide to leave at the same time so we were once more stuck in a long queue of traffic.

When we got back to Budapest they were just finishing the practice sessions for the air race so we got to see one of the planes demonstrating its low flying as we approached the Danube.