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Danube Bend, Hungary 2007 - Travelogue

Wednesday 22nd  |  Friday 24th

Thursday 23rd August

We could not afford to be late departing on Thursday morning as we had to catch a 9.00am ferry across the Danube to Vác as we were heading to the puszta, a grassy kind of semi-desert that was originally inhabited by cowherds, shepherds, and horseherds.

We were going to the Lázár Equestarian Park where we would see riders in traditional costumes demonstrating their skills in horseriding. The visit started with a refreshing drink before being shown around the stables with the Lipizzaner horses and the World Champions' Hall with the Lazar brothers medals and competition driving coaches. We then climbed aboard three carriages which took for a ride around the park before stopping at the farmyard where we saw some traditional Hungarian farm animals such as the long-wooled racka sheep, the special mangalica Hungarian breed of pig and the puli, the corded coated Hungarian sheepdog.

We then settled down in our seats to watch the horseriding demonstration. This included a display of nomad warrior archery - archery on horseback, throwing a spear and jumping through fire; skills of the horsemen - making the horse lie down and cracking the whip; a cart pulled by four oxen; and dressage display sitting side-saddle.

It was then on to a traditional Hungarian meal which included Hungarian Goulash and spiced local roast meats and pickles. Those that tried the peppers found them to be very hot! After the meal there was time to look in the small shop where they did a roaring trade in traditional horsemen whips.

On the way back to Budapest we stopped at the Statue Park for a short visit. The park contains many of the statues and monuments that were removed from the streets of Budapest after the fall of Communism. They now stand to serve as a reminder of the period of Communist dictatorship in Hungary. They even had a Trabant motor car as well.

On returning to Dömös there was enough time for a quick dip in the Danube to cool down as the temperature reached a record 38 degrees today!! In the late evening another spectacular thunderstorm caused another power failure in the village but luckily we still kept power.