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Danube Bend, Hungary 2007 - Travelogue

Monday 20th  |  Wednesday 22nd

Tuesday 21st August

This mornings activity, GPS, was based in the woods and hills near our house in Dömös. We were first split into five groups with each group then allocated a guide and given a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. Having been shown how to use the GPS to navigate around a set of waypoints we set off.

At each waypoint we had to find a marker stick with the objective being to find as many of your own sticks as possible in the four hours of the activity before returning back to the house. One groups GPS decided that it did not want to work under the trees so they spent most of the time getting directions from their accompanying guide.

The terrain was not as easy as some would have liked with it being necessary to climb up the side of a stream with the aid of a ladder at one point. I think that most people ended up on their backside at least once!

After a late lunch we caught the local bus to the swimming pool and thermal spa at Lepence where many enjoyed a relax in the hot water and some once again chose to supplement their lunch with a pizza.