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Danube Bend, Hungary 2007 - Travelogue

Wednesday 15th/Thursday 16th  |  Saturday 18th

Friday 17th August

In order to give Harry, our coach driver, a well earned rest we walked along the banks of the Danube to the next town of Visegrád. Some of the route took us along the beach and through the trees that grew down to the waters edge. The walk took us a little longer than expected especially because of the heat so we were a little late meeting the JEKA rep who was to take us up to the citadel.

'Up' was a very appropriate word because, much to the groans of many of the Scouts, it consisted of a very steep climb. Once at the citadel we stopped for a well earned lunch and even an ice lolly for some.

After lunch we invaded the citadel which, built in 1250, rises 315m (1033ft) above the Danube below. The walls offered us a spectacular view over the Danube Bend so it was worth the hot walk up the hill after all! We even tried locking some of the Scouts in the pillory but they escaped!

We then headed further up the hill to the activity that many had endured the climb for, toboganning. There were two seperate tracks that allowed the Scouts to race each other. One was a half metal pipe on which you rode a plastic toboggan, luckily with a brake; the other was more like a roller coaster where you had to be strapped in. The Scouts enjoyed several goes on both tracks before the coach arrived to save us the long walk back!

The days activitities were not quite over as we stopped on route at the swimming pool and thermal spa at Lepence. This gave us all a chance to cool of after the days strenuous activities and, for some, relax those tired muscles in the naturally heated spa bath.

After the evening meal the Scouts tested their knowledge with a quiz.