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Group History

After a lapse of some years, the 1st Heybridge Scout Group was reformed by the Rev. A. Godsell on 24th February 1965. The Group then consisted of 1 Leader, 1 Boy Scout and 19 Wolf Cubs. They were sponsored by St Andrews Church and met at the Waring Room.

A few years later the Group moved to the School in The Street, and in 1990 to the new School in Rowan Drive. As Heybridge grew, a second Cub Pack was opened in 1986, The Leopards, under new leadership. In 1987 the first Beaver Scout Colony, Coypus, was formed. This was followed in August 1990 by a second Colony, Badgers.

A second Scout Troop, Panthers, was opened, but unfortunately had to close after a few years due to lack of leaders. A Venture Scout Unit for youngsters from 15 to 21 years opened in 1992 but has since closed.